Mar 18, 2010

One of those days

Ever just have 'one of those days'? Well, I'm having one today. It's a beautiful day. Its finally warm. It's sunny. It started out wonderful. No stress. Just a nice, warm, sunny day. Then, a phone call. Nothing tragic. Just another stressful thing to add onto the ever-increasing list of things. I just didn't need it today. But, what can I do? So, as I sat on the couch, a million thoughts going through my head, wondering what I am going to do next, I found myself telling myself to pray. Shouldn't it be the first response to any situation? Especially a situation that is so out of my own control? I quickly said a prayer in my head, but continued on my way, doing useless things. Even now, I'm typing this blog when I should be in prayer. It's amazing how the enemy can sidetrack us, and how we allow it. So, I am ending now, to spend some time with the only one who can make "one of those days" into a great day. The situation is out of my hands, but it's in His.

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